• How to Get MetInfo commercial license?

    1. To participate in personalized web site templates in exchange for a commercial licenseProvide a set to meet the specifications of the MetInfo user's manual, templates to create enterprise site

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  • How to choose the site keywords?

         The site keywords is the core of SEO optimization, keyword selection will directly affect the site optimization promotion effects and the value of the site, choose keywords should

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  • MetInfo establishment of the station steps

    Trial operation steps Step 1: Register Space accountLog in: http://idc.metinfo.cn/Register a user account, and receive a verification message to validate the account, if not received the verifica

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  • Corporate website how long backup time?

         Corporate website the amount of information is generally less MetInfo Enterprise Web Site Management System site backup operation is very simple, we recommend that the user does no

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  • How to give full play to MetInfo the SEO features

         MetInfo enterprise website management system to improve the SEO function is known, but many of the establishment of the station's friend has ignored the true value of the site,

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